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ComTech 2017 keynote title: “ Big Data Empowered Self Organizing Networks, the game changing paradigm for enabling 5G

About Keynote speaker:

Dr. Ali Imran is founding director of Big Data Enabled Self-Organizing Networks Research Lab ( ) and assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at The University of Oklahoma. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence Enabled Wireless Networks; IoT and Aerial platforms based affordable connectivity. He has been and is currently leading several multinational projects in these areas such as QSON (, for which he has secured research grants of over $2 million in last five years as lead principal investigator. 

Dr. Imran has published over 60 refereed journal and conference papers on said topics. He has given tutorials on these topics at several international conferences including IEEE ICC, WF-IoT, WCNC, CAMAD and European Wireless and CrownCom. He has been an invited speaker and served as a panellist and chair on many international industrial fora. Dr. Imran’s research tackles real world problems faced by wireless industry and he is routinely consulted by several major telecom vendors and operators to solve challenging problems faced by the wireless industry. Currently, he is working on the development of next generation SON for 5G, which he refers to BSON/AISON. His seminal paper presenting the first complete BSON framework as a key enabler for 5G titled “Challenges in 5G: How to Empower SON with Big Data for Enabling 5G”, was selected to feature in TECH FOCUS on 5G in Sep 2015.  He is an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), UK; Chapter Chair of IEEE ComSoc Tulsa; board member of Special Technical Community on Big Data at IEEE Computer Society; board member of ITERA, and Associate Editor of IEEE Access special section on heterogeneous networks for 5G. For full portfolio of Dr. Imran, visit

Workshop title: LEAP for IoT - Lean, Elastic, Agile and Proactive (LEAP) SON Enabled 5G Wireless Networks

Workshop outline/Abstract:

The objective of this workshop is to interactively share with the conference audience very timely answers to following questions: 1) What are the key requirements of IoT that call for a
paradigm shift from conventional cellular architecture and design?; 2) How do the plethora of diverse
requirements emerging from a motley of IoT applications, can be essentially boiled down to four fundamental requirements, and what are these requirements?; 3) What characteristics these fundamental requirements induce in design space of an IoT supporting wireless network, e.g., 5G? ; 4) What are Control Data Separation Architecture (CDSA) and Big Data Enabled SON (BSON), how a cellular system design based on CDSA and BSON can support a range of IoT applications?; 5) What is dark data and how it can leveraged to implement CDSA and BSON in future cellular networks to support IoT?; 6) How do a ‘CDSA and BSON based system design fare in terms of different KPIs against a conventional design such as HetNet for supporting IoT? Leveraging recent work done in multinational projects led by the presenters in the Cellular and IoT realm, the tutorial is aimed to not only provide the audience a comprehensive overview of CDSA and BSON as enablers for IoT, but is more importantly designed to trigger the much-needed research in this cross-disciplinary area. The theoretical discussion will be followed by selected case studies that put the theory into practice and demonstrate how BSON and CDSA can introduce leanness, elasticity, agility and proactivity in cellular networks, needed to support a range of IoT applications and services. The tutorial will be concluded with an interactive discussion of open research opportunities in CDSA and BSON for enabling IoT.































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ComTech-2017     Schedule


Day 1     Day 2      Day 3  


10th April, 2017

19-21 April, 2017















































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